7 Austin Wellness Products to Destress in 2020

By Amanda Seaboch - February 26th, 2020

It’s a few weeks into the new year. You’ve gone into 2020 with the best intentions for your resolutions at heart, but let’s be honest, change is hard. If you’ve slipped back into your same old routine already, don’t panic. Some amazing products made right here in Austin can help you achieve the ‘new year, new me’ mentality, even though 2020 is already underway.  We’ve gathered a list of our top seven wellness products made right here in Austin to help ease you into all that 2020 will throw at you.


Austinites are active. With plenty of community parks and outdoor events, those on the go need a safe way to carry your things without it literally getting in the way. SPIbelts are the new-aged mom’s fanny pack. They start around $10, and can fit all of your essentials while also fitting around your waist. 

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Smartish Phone Cases

Smartish phone cases have all of the good stuff in one – protective shell, wallet storage space, and adorable designs. With options from light and slim to heavy-duty, there’s a perfect fit for everyone. You won’t need to stress about damage to your phone with this case, so download all of the cat videos and take a load off!

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Calm Bath Salts from The Good Hippie

Relax and take a load off knowing that The Good Hippie only makes products with all-natural ingredients. The Calm Bath Salts are the perfect weekend treat to smooth and nourish your skin.

(Photo by www.thegoodhippie.com)

Slow North Orange + Clove Candle

If you’re looking to shop right in 2020, this candle company is perfect for you. Each candle is handmade and shipped in recycled packing material. Their Orange + Clove products are the perfect refreshing scent for any space.

(Photo by www.slownorth.com)

Gourmande Girls Cosmetics

For those who don’t shy away from color, Gourmande Girls’ color pallets are perfect for you! They use rich pigments to enhance your features, and it’s all cruelty free! Being an online-based shop, they have the ability to ship all over the country.

(Photo by www.slownorth.com)

Bossman Beard Oil

Good wellness practice isn’t just for the ladies. Bossman beard oil is made with all-natural ingredients to hydrate your skin and keep your beard looking sharp. The company also produces other men’s grooming products such as mustache wax and an exfoliating scrub.

(Photo by www.bossmanbrand.com)

Lovejay’s Josh Rosebrook Nourish Shampoo

Lovejay Beauty is Austin’s first retailer to focus solely on natural beauty by using all-natural ingredients. Their line of shampoos smell great, feel great, and make your hair look great. It’s a win all around! 

(Photo by www.lovejaybeauty.com)

Let’s aim for less stress for the rest of 2020. You’ve made it this far, and Austin has amazing products that will keep you flowing through the new year!

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