6 Types Of Management Styles

By Common Desk - May 23rd, 2014

Editor’s note: On the Common Desk blog today we have Mark Feldman, CTO for Findmyshift. He was kind enough to share the new infographic that his company created. Give him a shout on Twitter or in the comments for more info on Findmyshift.

Everyone has a different style of work. Similarly, everyone has a certain type of management as well. Some bosses can’t help but micromanage to death, while others may be too relaxed and unstructured.

Most thought leaders on the subject believe that the best managers understand these different styles and are able to “switch gears” to the type of style that the occasion or environment calls for. That is of course, easier said than done.

Our company handles employee scheduling for a variety of businesses so we get to see some of these personalities on occasion. While there are many opinions on what are/aren’t management styles, below is a description on 6 popular styles. Can you see your boss or yourself in any of these?

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