6 Reasons to Join a Coworking Space in 2020

By Common Desk - December 19th, 2019

How crazy is it that the new year is already here? As we enter into 2020, we not only say goodbye to 2019, but to an entire decade! WILD.

This has been quite a big year for Common Desk, and with all the crazy growth we’ve experienced (33 new employees and 6 new locations opening) we’ve also grown in our resolute that coworking is not only here to stay, but also changing lives each and every day!

Coworking spaces are growing and expanding at unprecedented rates all across the globe and this insane growth is only expected to increase! So what’s the hype all about you may wonder? We’ve put together 6 reasons (although, there are plenty more) you should consider joining a coworking space in 2020!

Let’s get down to it.

1. Community

Common Desk truly believes in the power of human connection. One of the most appealing things about coworking is that it allows you to interact and build connections with some pretty cool people. Each day, you get to work alongside a diverse group of people–from entrepreneurs, to freelancers, to remote workers and even small startups. Coworking gives you endless chances to build relationships with game-changing people through time spent working in the same space (with community events and happy hours thrown in the mix, too). Rather than working alone from home, members of coworking spaces get to be apart of a collaborative and supportive community.

2. Culture

A super special thing about coworking spaces is the unique culture created by the diversity of working professionals who office out of the space. Because there’s so much variety within the different fields represented, the culture is more supportive and collaborative (rather than competitive). Each coworking space also cultivates its own unique vibe. The Community Managers of coworking spaces really value hospitality and go above and beyond to create meaningful spaces and to meet their members’ needs. 

3. Productivity

Anyone else find it hard to be productive working from home when you’ve got a sink full of dishes and your bed keeps taunting you with the temptation of a nap? Most people would probably agree that when working solo, it can be hard to stay motivated. Studies have shown that working out of a coworking space actually increases productivity. A big reason for that, besides removing the natural distractions of working from home, is having the energy of other people working around you who are also trying to succeed within their own businesses. Removing unnecessary distractions and being around other motivated individuals helps you to maintain your workflow and stay on task. Because of all the above, many employers have even started offering to pay for their employees’ coworking memberships, because they recognize the high value of the boost in productivity that coworking provides. Talk about a win for both teams!

4. ALLLL the Perks

Did someone say free coffee? 
Yep, you heard it right. No more blowing $6 or more a day at coffee shops just to have a place to snatch WiFi. Coworking spaces give you all the coffee your heart desires, all the time! And that’s just one of the many perks.

Specific perks naturally vary from space to space, but here are a few common ones that most coworking spaces (including Common Desk) offer:

  • Bottomless coffee
  • A variety of work stations (i.e. lounge areas, conference rooms, private desks, shared desks, private offices, etc.)
  • Community events and happy hours
  • Fitness amenities (some come with a free gym membership!)
  • Nap rooms (insert praise hand emoji)
  • Regular free food offerings
  • Wellness activities/amenities (like treadmill desks)
  • On-site coffee stations
  • Extended hours of access 

5. Networking

When you work from home, you definitely have to go out of your way to meet new people and to build new connections. A huge benefit to a coworking space is the possibility–and likelihood–of collaborating with some of the people you cowork with. When you’re working alongside other freelancers and individuals within different fields than your own, you gain the opportunity to organically offer your services to them and in return utilize their services as well. One member of Common Desk grew his business–brace yourself–by a whopping 432% (not even kidding) in his first year of being a Common Desk member, solely because of the organic connections he was able to make within our space. Those connections turned to clients, and his business has been steadily growing ever since (and he’s been here a total of 4 years now!).

6. Creativity

“My cubicle is really inspiring my creativity today!” – No One Ever.

One of the most immediately noticeable things about coworking spaces is their incredible aesthetic and creative energy. Working from a beautiful place with tons of natural light and a great look and feel can actually increase your creativity. And of course, as we’ve already mentioned several times now, being surrounded by other creative individuals gives you the opportunity to brainstorm and collaborate in order to grow and cultivate your ideas. We take pride in using natural light, warm tones, green accents, and custom pieces of artwork to make every coworking space we build feel approachable and creative.

Coworking spaces are growing like never before and are helping millions of working professionals to find meaning in their office and success within their work. Let 2020 be the year you begin to thrive within your business, and start with letting coworking help.  Once you experience it, you’ll likely never look back.

If you’re wanting to dip your toes in the water of coworking, Click here to check out our many locations, then book a tour to receive a free day pass for your first day!

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