A safe and healthy workspace for all

Here’s a look at how Common Desk works to keep our members, staff, and guests safe and healthy within our spaces


We’ve worked hard over the course of this pandemic to create safety procedures and operational measures to ensure that everyone who steps foot in our spaces, whether Common Desk or Fiction Coffee, feels safe and cared for in regards to COVID-19. It’s important to emphasize that we are committed to flexibility, transparency, and a thoughtful approach in all of these operational measures, and this includes putting the safety of our members and staff first. Common Desk is home to entrepreneurs, remote workers, and businesses large and small, and in addition to maintaining a safe and welcoming workspace for all, our job is to keep doing what we do best: creating opportunities for people to reconnect, build professional networks, and support each other in times of change and difficulty. Knowing how important it is to feel safe in the space you choose to work, we’ve worked hard to create a number of solutions to help members feel as comfortable as they do at home while using our spaces.


We know that up-to-date information is key when it comes to instilling confidence in our members as they transition back to work. Here’s the breakdown of what safety measures that are now implemented at all Common Desk locations: 

Face Mask Policy

Dallas County

9/12/21 | In accordance with new mandates in Dallas County, Common Desk’s Dallas County locations are requiring masks to enter the space and to remain worn while inside our spaces and Fiction Coffee shops.

DFW (excluding Dallas County)

Masks are not required, but are strongly encouraged for all members, guests, and staff to wear both while moving about and utilizing the shared areas of our spaces. 

Austin, Houston, Wilmington

We recommend all members, guests, and staff wear masks both while moving about and utilizing the shared areas of our spaces. 

Routine Cleaning Procedures

Common Desk staff is performing routine cleaning procedures throughout the day in all of our spaces, with deeper cleanings happening at the end of each workday. We use top notch antibacterial products to ensure germs are being killed and surfaces are being well-cleaned.

Sanitation Stations

We have Sanitation Stations placed throughout our spaces. These stations include both hand sanitizer and sanitation wipes and are easily accessible throughout a Common Desk location.

Updated Visitors & Guests Policy

Visitors and guests are welcome! We just ask that they follow our usual guest policy, appropriate mask and distancing protocols while in the space, and stay home if they’re feeling sick.

Current Hours of Operation

All Common Desk locations are operating at full and normal capacity, which is 7:00 AM-10:00 PM daily for members and 7:00 AM-5:00PM M-F for guests. This gives our cleaning crew time to deep clean all parts of our spaces thoroughly. 

Staff Health Measures

Location Staff Measures:

  • All Common Desk location staff are required to be fever-free before entering a space. If any staff are feeling sick, they are required to stay home.
  • Personal Protective Equipment: Staffers wear masks while interacting with members and guests, handling food and beverage items, and moving about the space.

Desk Distancing

Our desks have been spaced to allow for social distancing in shared work areas of our spaces. Private Offices have been restructured to offer both Standard and Executive Layout options. Our Executive Layout is a spacious design for those focused on comfort and safety. Prospective members are able to choose between the various layouts and decide on a solution that is best for their team.

Ready to get out of the house?

Find a Common Desk location near you to schedule a tour of the space and learn more about how our safe-guarded flex office locations can best serve your workspace needs–both now and through the seasons to come.

Need a distance-friendly office space?

Having flexibility in the workplace has never been more important. All Common Desk locations are now offering distance-friendly plans for private offices and office suites (and of course, distance-oriented desks in our open areas). If your team is looking for a workspace solution that offers both flexible terms and flexible desk arrangements, we’d love to tell you more about what our office suite solutions have to offer. Head over to our Office Suites page to explore, and if you’re curious to learn more, shoot us an email!

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