How we’re navigating COVID-19

Here’s a comprehensive look at the operational procedures Common Desk is putting in place to help us navigate COVID-19 and keep our members and staff safe while doing so.

What to expect from our procedures:

As we look at reopening our locations, Common Desk will continue to focus on what we should do, rather than what we are allowed to do. Our approach to carefully reopening will take place in stages that vary per market, much like our approach to navigating the initial transition into shelter-in-place. We believe the next few months will look like a gradual shift between said stages, and we will continue to use expert advice, science, data, and best practices to guide our decision making.

It’s important to reiterate that we are committed to flexibility, transparency, and a thoughtful approach in all of these operational stages, and this includes putting the safety of our members and staff first. Additionally, we recognize our responsibility to continue cultivating community. Common Desk is home to entrepreneurs, remote workers, and businesses large and small, and our job is and will be to create opportunities for people to reconnect, build new networks, and support each other amid the uncertainty of our current climate. Knowing how important it is to feel safe in times like this, we’ve worked hard to create a number of solutions to help members feel confident while using our spaces.

Meet our new operational "Modes"

We’re choosing to follow a tip-toe vs. foot-race method to get back to “normal” operations of our spaces. If the global pandemic has taught us anything, it’s the importance of malleable systems, careful planning, and confidence-building for both our staff and members.

Over the past few months, we have created three key modes of operation that we foresee being used at various times throughout the remainder of 2020. No one knows what the future may hold, so we have decided to build these modes as levers we can pull when necessary over the next six months. These modes do not exist to flow in order; instead, they offer us flexibility, acting as quick and clear ways to shift business operations and communication procedures.

Essential Mode

For use when Stay at Home orders are in place. Essential Mode means that our spaces are only open to essential businesses. Additionally, mail service is limited, no shared amenities are available, our staff only come into our spaces twice a week to sort mail, and full janitorial services and monthly commercial disinfectants are in place.

Weekend Mode

For use when staying at home is still highly encouraged, but businesses can ease into work again. Weekend mode means: Common Desk’s coworking spaces are open to all members, but members are encouraged to Work from Home. Additionally, staff are only coming into the spaces daily from 8am-10am to provide basic amenities and care for the space. Limited shared amenities are available, and full janitorial services are happening with a bi-weekly commercial disinfectant.

Select Mode

For use when staying at home orders are lifted, and our offices are able to reopen under guidelines in place. Select mode means: Common Desk’s coworking spaces are open and actively practicing social & desk distancing in our spaces. Location staff are on rotation schedule but in spaces daily. Limited, but further access to shared amenities is available for members. Increased hourly cleaning procedures are happening by CD staff, and full janitorial services are in place with bi-weekly commercial disinfectant.

DFW is currently operating in SELECT Mode

The DFW market is operating in SELECT MODE as of May 18, 2020. This means members can use our spaces in accordance to the information shared above.

ATX is currently operating in SELECT Mode

The ATX market is also operating in SELECT MODE as of May 26, 2020. This means members can use our spaces in accordance to the information shared above.


We know that up-to-date information is key when it comes to instilling confidence in our members as they transition back to work. Here’s the breakdown of what safety measures that are now implemented at all Common Desk locations: 

Routine Cleaning Procedures

Our janitorial crews are continuing to perform extensive cleanings on a daily basis to ensure our spaces stay sanitized. We are working on a list of the cleaning agents used at each space for members and staff to review. 

Routine Cleaning when in Select Mode: Full cleaning of bathrooms, kitchens, and coffee stations 3-4 times daily. This includes fabric disinfectant for chairs or booths. Fridges are cleaned out daily.

When in Select Mode, hourly wipe downs happen in high-touch areas of the space, including shared space tables and kitchens, with CDC/EPA approved cleaning agents.

Vendors, day porters, and service workers are required to wear PPE (including but not limited to a face mask and gloves) while working on location. Signage is posted at each door displaying requirements before entering.

Decor such as throw pillows and blankets have been put away to limit touch points.

We use sanitary remote covers for remotes in conference rooms.

On-Demand Cleaning Team: We have implemented an on-demand cleaning team. Our staff is always ready and accessible to clean shared spaces post-use. This includes, but is not limited to conference rooms, chat rooms, private offices, dedicated desks, and in other areas of concern. Members are able to text a number to alert the staff that an area is in need of cleaning and staff respond within 15 minutes.

Sanitation Stations + Cart

We have Sanitation Stations inside every conference room, as well as in various high traffic locations in each space. We have printed floor plans posted throughout the space to show where the closest sanitation station is located (think of the “you are here” maps you see in the mall). These stations include both hand sanitizer and sanitation wipes. 

Hand Sanitizer Stations: We have installed hand sanitizer stations throughout the spaces and in the most densely populated areas–to name a few: hospitality bar, shared space area, printing rooms, and elevator banks where applicable. 

Sanitation Cart: Members can expect a daily cart to offer members cleaning wipes or spray to disinfect their workspace and screens, as well as grab a pump of hand sanitizer.

The DL on Shared Amenities

When in Essential and Weekend Mode: Specific shared amenity areas of the space will remain closed until further notice. This includes nap rooms, coffee stations, and ice machines. Similarly, no fruit or shared snacks will be available around the space. Kegs will also remain locked. Additionally, we will continue using disposable utensils and dish-ware until further notice.

When in Select Mode: We will be keeping all shared amenities (fruit, coffee, tea, & snacks) behind the Hospitality Bar to eliminate the spread of germs. Staff serve these amenities with gloves and a mask.

Updated Visitors & Guests Policy

In Weekend / Essential Mode: To limit exposure for both members and staff, no visitors are allowed unless approved by a Common Desk staff member. A visitor is anyone who is not an active member.

In Select Mode: Visitors are allowed, as long as they follow our mask and distancing protocols.

Current Hours of Operation

All Common Desk locations have current hours of operation set to 7:00 AM-10:00 PM daily. This gives our cleaning crew time to deep clean all parts of our spaces thoroughly. That said, Nights & Weekends members can access the space at 2:00 PM.

Disinfecting Services

On a monthly basis, we are disinfecting spaces utilizing electrostatic spray technology coupled with EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectant agents. This permits us to disinfect our facility using 60% less chemicals while ensuring complete, 360° coverage. 

UPDATED: Face Mask Policy

In accordance with Texas’ latest regulations, members and staff will be required to wear masks both while moving about and utilizing the shared areas of our spaces, as well as when 6 feet of distance from another person cannot be accomplished, such as in conference rooms, kitchens, offices, and shared space. Face masks and gloves are available for members in the space, though some may require purchase.

Staff Health Measures

Location Staff Measures:

  • Fever Check: All Common Desk location staff are required to be fever-free before entering a space. We require daily self-reports during Weekend Mode. When in Select Mode, staff are required to take their temperature upon arrival at work. If fever-free, staff receive a color coded sticker that is worn throughout the day.
  • During Weekend Mode: Location staff will continue to rotate through on Mondays and Thursdays to sort mail, clean out the fridge, and make sure things are in order at each of our spaces.
  • Personal Protective Equipment: Staff is required to wear PPE, or Personal Protective Equipment, including gloves and a mask while working.
  • Latex Gloves: Staff use latex gloves when cleaning or handling shared items, dishes, brewing coffee, and refilling coffee stations.


Corporate Staff Measures:

  • Work from Home Policy: We are continuing to encourage our corporate employees to work from home whenever possible until we’ve seen at least two consecutive weeks of COVID-19 cases declining in Dallas County.
  • Office Distancing: When our corporate employees are in office, we distance between locations and offices to minimize exposure.
  • Fever Free: All staff are required to be fever-free before entering a space. In Select Mode, corporate staff are required to take their temperature upon arrival at work and log temperature through a sign-in sheet. 
  • Personal Protective Equipment: Staff are required to wear PPE, Personal Protective Equipment, including gloves and a mask while using the shared areas of our spaces.

Desk Distancing

We have implemented and posted signs on how to follow our best practices for moving within the space. This means creating one-way paths throughout the space to ensure proper social distancing in the hallways, floor arrows to help members know which direction to travel, as well as pathfinder signs. Social distancing markers will be set up for the Hospitality Bar and Printing area to instruct members where to stand when interacting with staff or waiting to print. 

As far as density goes, all offices have been restructured to offer both Standard and Executive Layout options. Our Executive Layout is a spacious design for those focused on comfort and safety. Prospective members are able to choose between the various layouts and decide on a solution that is best for their team.

For locations that offer Dedicated Desks, we have repositioned the desks to allow for greater safety and privacy for members.

Tables in the Shared Space are practicing “Desk Distancing”, meaning they allow for 2 people per table in an alternating pattern. This ensures that no one is across or next to each other. Staff have removed chairs and placed an X on the desks that are unavailable for use.

Community Events

We launched a Work from Home membership to keep our community virtually connected until it’s safe to have events IRL again. All community events will continue to happen through our virtual channels like Slack and Zoom until further notice. (But don’t worry, we’ll have one HECK of an in-person celebration as soon as this is all over).

Ready to get out of the house?

Find a Common Desk location near you to schedule a virtual or in-person tour of the space and learn more about how our safe-guarded coworking locations can best serve your workspace needs–both now and through the seasons to come. In need of community while you work from home? Head over to our WFH page to learn more about our virtual coworking offering!

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