Get to know Trent

Originally from the Houston area, Trent moved to Dallas to work for Common Desk and be the first employee and Community Manager of Common Desk - Granite Park. Trent graduated from Texas A&M, and because of that, you'll probably never see him without his Aggie ring on (gig 'em?).

Apart from his passion for the Houston Rockets, Trent has always had a passion for people and community, which made him a natural fit for the role of Community Manager. After months of persuasion on our end, he finally agreed to move north and become our official CM (and we couldn't be more excited about having him on the team).

Now, Trent is actively bringing together Plano's first coworking community through his role as Common Desk - Granite Park's Community Manager.

Fun facts about Trent

He was a skateboarder back in the day, and we have a hunch that he could still hit a gnarly kick-flip if he wanted to. He also was a Pine Cove counselor for 3 years, where he received the name "Wuvvies" which is the shorter, more endearing form of the actual name, "I Wuv My Mommies Uggs." People still call him that to this day. Another fun fact is that his actual full name is "Trent Lacewell Oswalt." A name like that should automatically come with a castle, honestly.

If you need someone to talk sports with, Trent's your guy. He knows those random team and player stats that only true sports nerds know, and he can tell you just about anything when it comes to the Aggies or Rockets. At any given moment, you can find Trent wearing his Jordan's in a local coffee shop, making friends with the baristas over their favorite roasting methods or making life-long friendships with other guests he's never met.

Connect with Trent

"The economy stinks, bees are dying, and movies are pretty much all sequels now." - New Girl

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