Get to know Nick

Nick Clark is the Founder and CEO of Common Desk. After graduating from SMU, Nick spent seven years in commercial real estate working for various owners on project leasing / management assignments in Dallas. In 2011, Nick discovered coworking through a tenant rep client and loved it enough to immediately resign from his company and launch Common Desk. Over the years Common Desk has grown from a small coworking company with locations in Deep Ellum and Oak Cliff to a company focused on creating the future platform for people to experience work. Common Desk now has four DFW locations and services over a thousand members on a daily basis. The company's newest offerings include a fully developed app that connects members and tenants to the amenities of an office building called "Ellum", a new retail coffee brand called "Fiction" and a new brand focused on delivering work related experiences outside of the four walls of the office called "Anywhere".

These along with Common Desk's flexible workspace products embrace the company philosophy of "Offspitality", which is a totally made up word that means professionals should experience a hospitable, turn-keyed office environment that brings innovative amenities and services to their fingertips, making their work more productive, interactive, memorable, and enjoyable.

Connect with Nick

I love the fact that I can walk in day or night and have someone to have a conversation with. I love meeting new people with new ideas on a weekly basis. I love tapping into a network of freelancers that help elevate what we are doing as a company.

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