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Before moving to Dallas and being hired by Common Desk, Megan Kaye (also known as “MK”) was stirring things up with her double-name in the state of Mississippi. Megan Kaye was born and raised in a tiny town in Sunflower County that you’ve probably never heard of (unless you’re a fan of B.B. King).

For the sake of her future, MK knew her days as a Mississippi cattle-queen shouldn’t last forever (yes, she really had that title at one time), so she found as many opportunities to travel outside of the Deep South as she could (she’s been to 17 countries and counting). She received a degree in Public Relations from Mississippi College, minoring in Graphic Design and Spanish. As far as her future plans went, she always expected to uproot and move somewhere new to follow the corporate PR route, or do the exact opposite by becoming a National Geographic Photographer (she does freelance photography on the side).

MK discovered a love for Dallas her senior year of college. After stomping all over Europe for 3 months following her college graduation, she found an apartment in Dallas and moved to the Big D with big dreams and no job. MK had never heard of the term “coworking” before applying to work at Common Desk, but once she discovered it, she realized that a profession in coworking was (and still is) her dream job that she hadn't known even existed.

Now, MK handles all marketing and communication endeavors for Common Desk as its Head of Marketing.

Fun facts about MK:

She’s been instagrammed by Instagram, she’s killed a shark and fried it for dinner, and her name’s been in the Playbill of a London West End play for being an accent coach. Of all the places in Dallas, she frequents any given Torchy’s Tacos the most. Her go-to Netflix shows are Stranger Things (naturally) and Sherlock (because she really loves Britain). Her love languages are as follows: coffee, tacos, llamas, and denim. Julio says that MK has street cred for being a “dope dancer for a white girl” and for speaking Spanish better than him or Christian.

When it comes down to it, MK loves inspiring others through the stories of the incredible people she meets on a daily basis at Common Desk.

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