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Megan was born in Louisiana but has been in Katy, Texas since she was 3 years old (with only one move to Scotland in elementary school)! She’s the youngest of 3, and an aunt of 3 adorable little ones. Megan is a Class of ’17 graduate from Texas A&M University (“WHOOP” so they say), and working for Common Desk is her first full-time job out of college, to which she says, “It’s an absolute dream, especially for someone who knew she works well with people!”

Megan studied Communications, but really didn’t know what she wanted to focus in. She’s always known that she wanted to work with people— but she didn’t want to be stuck in a cubicle. She wasn’t familiar with the concept of coworking and hadn’t heard of Common Desk, but she was in class during her senior year and a friend said to her, “Megan, you should check out Common Desk, it’s totally your style!” so she looked Common Desk up, saw that we’re all about fostering community in the workplace by providing a creative work environment, and she immediately applied. And we’re all happy she did!

Here are some fun facts about Megan:

Megan is full of surprises. She’s got street cred for being able to change accents at the drop of a hat (she’s got plenty up her sleeve, so ask her about them when you see her in Plano). She can fit her fist in her mouth, and she started greying at 16 (her grey hairs haven’t taken an ounce of her fun personality though, no worries). She’s all about watching movies, taking walks with her main squeeze (fiance), going to new restaurants (really just eating), window shopping, being at her family’s ranch, and doing anything outside. She just moved to the Dallas area, so she’s still trying to figure out her favorite spots (feel free to send her recommendations).

Her obscure obsession is easily Hallmark Christmas movies. The 25 Days of Christmas special is “her jam” and we all know that the Hallmark channel will be the only inanimate thing she spends time with when she leaves work during Christmas season. All you really need to make Megan happy is a good avocado or sweet potato or rum and coke. At any given point, you can find Megan smiling so big her eyes disappear or striking up conversations with anyone around her.

Megan’s favorite part about working for Common Desk is getting to spend time with coworkers and members who each have such unique interests and stories.

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Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy, both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. –Michael Scott

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