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McKenzie grew up in Frisco, TX with her brother and fun-loving parents. She attended Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX and spent her first 2 ½ years of college as a Pre-Vet major because of her love for animals (she has two dogs and would own all of the dogs if possible). But she eventually changed her major to PR (because she also loves humans) and focused her attention on building intentional relationships in a professional setting.

After McKenzie graduated from Tech, she started looking for different internships to help define her professional direction. After a little looking around Facebook, she came across Common Desk’s intern position, but, just like most of our team, she had no idea what coworking was. After learning a little bit more about both coworking and Common Desk, she was sold. She applied for the internship and after her interview(s), we were sold, too.

After being our Oak Cliff intern and Administrative Assistant, she's now Oak Cliff's newest Community Manager! She has a heart for Oak Cliff and every member that walks in the door, and she loves spending her days growing the sense of community in OC.

Fun facts about McKenzie:

McKenzie actually spent 16+ years of her life riding horses competitively in many styles, but mostly Dressage (most well known as “horse ballet”) (because apparently that’s a thing that exists), and now she has 2 horses of her own! McKenzie has also never seen any of the Harry Potter movies, to which all of the staff will never not be shocked by. McKenzie’s all about traveling and going on road trips with friends, spending time with her fiance, Connor, and spoiling their two dogs.

Her obscure obsession is pillows. She (like DJ Khaled) believes the more pillows the better. She also loves pygmy (mini) goats (look up mini goat kicks over other goat on Youtube to give yourself a good laugh). One of her biggest goals in life is to go to the giraffe hotel in Nairobi, Kenya because she says, “If I don’t go I will die.” Since she’s a girl Common Desk staff member, she loves New Girl (because apparently that’s a pre-req), and at any given point, McKenzie is probably craving Mexican food or pizza, for obvious reasons.

One of McKenzie’s favorite things is providing encouragement in order to see those around her thrive in any given environment. Her favorite part about interning for Common Desk? She’s a big-time people pleaser, and while she knows she can’t please everyone out there, Common Desk allows McKenzie to meet the needs of the members while bringing a sense of community. At the same time, she really enjoys getting the chance to learn what makes each member unique in their line of work and what ultimately makes them, them.

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“Oh my gosh, it’s food! I love food!” - Jess, New Girl

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