Get to know Mary Claire

MaryClaire was born in Dallas, but when her dad accepted a job in East Texas during her childhood, she and her family jumped into country life headfirst. MC lived on a farm and was barefoot most days with chickens and pastures surrounding her always. Her dad worked at a big camp, which meant she spent her summers with 1,000 of her closest friends (aka college students).

MaryClaire attended Dallas Baptist University, which is where she discovered that “being good with people” was actually a job. She fell in love with Communication and the science behind it through her Communications and Physiology major. As far as her future plans went, the one thing MaryClaire knew for sure was that she was passionate about people, community, and empowering those around her.

After graduation, she applied to all types of people-oriented jobs– especially recruitment and consulting gigs. Days before accepting a corporate job in downtown Dallas, a friend of MC’s met Nick Clark at a networking event. After hearing Nick describe the Community Manager position he was looking to fill, her friend messaged her and said, “DON’T TAKE THE JOB DOWNTOWN. TAKE THIS JOB AT A COWORKING SPACE IT’S LITERALLY MADE FOR YOU,” to which MaryClaire responded with, “What the heck is a coworking space?”

Clearly, it didn’t take long for MC to fall in love with the concept of coworking. MaryClaire acted as the first Deep Ellum Community Manager for 2 years, and now, she's rocking it as our Director of People and Culture. Common Desk believes that our staff drives our community, so we want to set them up for success in that. MC strives to build an atmosphere where people want to work, and she believes in fostering the growth of our teams and culture as we grow into an even bigger community, which she does through hiring, training, onboarding, and making sure everyone is happy!

Fun facts about MaryClaire:

She spent 16 years of her life training and competing as a competitive gymnast, making it all the way to level 9 and training for Elite. She’s also one of 7 children, and she used to have a chicken named “Steve.”

At any given time, you can find MC on a patio eating Mexican food or watching any show on Netflix. MC spends the rest of her free time going on runs with her husband Colin (who’s actually a member of Common Desk!) and taking care of their adorable Vizsla pup named Roger. Despite having just adopted a dog, MC has a very real obsession with cats (cat videos are her guilty pleasure), and when she’s feeling crazy, she wears a pair of galactic cat leggings to work.

“Connecting people is hands-down my favorite part of my job. Seeing others thrive off of relationships they’ve made here in the space makes what we do worth it. Common Desk exists to make your professional life easier. When we accomplish that– it rocks.”

Quote that’s said about MC the most by staff members:

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MC, stop being mom and let us have fun.

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