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Laura grew up in Minnesota and (very randomly) decided to go to Baylor University for college. Her visit to Baylor was her first time to Texas, and it didn’t take her long to realize that it’s a whole new world down here (she isn't wrong). After graduation, Laura ended up marrying her college sweetheart, staying in Texas, and taking a job doing energy management for churches and nonprofits.

Laura knew she wanted to be in something that encouraged creativity and out of the box thinking while helping her foster relationships with people. Just before landing her job at Common Desk, she was in a job that was really draining and demanding. One night at Cold Beer Company with her husband James (who builds our websites and is a CD member) and Nick Clark, she noticed the love the two guys had for Common Desk and the purpose they found in their roles. Laura jokingly asked James the following day if Common Desk was hiring, and when she learned they were, she applied (and got the job) immediately. Laura was the first ever Community Manager of our Oak Cliff space, spending a year and a half developing and pouring into the Oak Cliff member community.

Now, Laura acts as Common Desk's Executive Assistant, where she spends her days helping our brand grow into exciting new endeavors, keeping our CEO, Nick, in line, and being the go-to person for all things Common Desk.

Fun facts about Laura:

She has serious street cred for finding deals and selling things for people online (she’s a professional at finding/creating awesome deals). Laura lived in Hong Kong for 6 months, and she can actually stick her entire fist in her mouth (#impressive).

Her favorite pastime is sleeping (and eating) (and drinking). Laura can usually be found at Watermark/ Target/ Trader Joe’s, sipping cocktails with the Hooch app in hand, modeling for an awesome photoshoot (she used to do professional modeling for a Dallas agency), or working on her side-hustle called Spottedd.

What’s more impressive than Laura modeling is the fact that she is a self proclaimed snack queen and is literally always munching on something always (and it doesn’t affect her modeling one bit). She has a giant sweet tooth, and she has a hidden stash of candy in Common Desk Oak Cliff (which we’re still trying to find). She loves cotton candy and all things Minnesota. Her go-to shows are plentiful, including: Sherlock, Food shows of any kind (documentary, competition, cooking shows), Drunk History, The Blacklist, and Arrested Development. At any given time, you can find Laura drinking a beer and walking on the treadmill desk.

Laura’s favorite part about working for Common Desk: “It’s such a fun environment to work in- the staff and members are great and I get to meet different people who do so many interesting things.”

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