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Katy is an Oklahoma native but has lived the majority of her life in the great state of Texas. Katy’s aspiration as a young girl was to become a daredevil skater, and she was that rare breed children who really loved school (which is probably why she never became the latter). Her family of 5 has lived in the same house in the suburbs of Fort Worth since Katy was 7; she grew up on board games and movie nights and wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Katy discovered her love for Dallas during her time at Dallas Baptist University, where she studied Entrepreneurship. Katy knew she wanted to work at Common Desk from the second she heard about it. Now, as our Director of Hospitality, Katy gets to make sure Common Desk is providing the best experience from a hospitality standpoint day in and day out.

Here’s a very real fact about Katy’s time at Common Desk: she’s the only person who has ever held the title of “Interim Assistant Intern” for 6 solid months and completely owned it. As a result of her noteworthy first title, Katy says the Common Desk experience thus far is her “own little Cinderella story.”

Fun facts about Katy:

She may not admit it, but she definitely has street cred for having the most awesome eyebrows for someone who isn’t Cara Delevingne. She does a killer Louis Armstrong impression (ask her to do it when you meet her), and she can’t bend her left arm all the way back. Katy is quirky and original, saying things like “abso-fruitly” on a regular basis and charming us all with her witty remarks.

Her obscure obsessions include: Christmas, random movie/TV trivia, the ukulele, puzzles (especially Christmas puzzles), and baby giraffes. Katy spends most of her free time reading, writing, kicking it with the homies, and planning her next big adventure. She thinks the Houndstooth at Sylvan 30 is the stuff of her dreams (who doesn’t?), Gilmore Girls and Katy are actually in a lifelong commitment that she never plans on breaking, and she unashamedly watched the entirety of Stranger Things in one day.

Katy’s favorite part about working at Common Desk is being inspired by the stories, passions, and tenacity of Common Desk members and her fellow staff members on a daily basis. “It’s such a dream that a huge part of my job is making sure that our members are happy, productive, and connected to the community.”

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