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Julio Cesar Mendez is a native of Mexico, but he’s been holding down the fort in Garland and Deep Ellum, Texas for most of his life. He comes from a family of 6, with two brothers and one sister. One of his brothers is Christian, our Nights Manager! Interesting fact about Julio’s name: he grew up going by “Cesar,” but when he started working for Common Desk, he decided to tell people to call him “Julio” because he thought that would be easier to remember (we’re still trying to figure out the logic behind that one). If there’s one thing to note about Julio Mendez, it’s that he’s full of surprises.

Before starting at Common Desk, Julio’s claim to fame was for having perfect attendance in high school. Julio was introduced to Common Desk through his lifelong best friend and successful illustrator Arturo Torres. Arturo worked for Common Desk back in its early days before deciding to pursue his art career full time. Arturo would bring in Julio to help Nick with any big facility endeavor; it didn’t take Nick long to realize that Julio was and still is exactly what Common Desk needs to stay in operation.

Now, Julio assures that the day-to-day operations of all Common Desk facilities are up-to-date and fully-functioning as our Senior Space Manager. He’s pretty much a facility wizard.

Fun facts about Julio:

His luchador name would be El Fantasma de Tejas. Julio can literally fix anything, and he’s our Deep Ellum brand ambassador. He’s got the muscles we need to protect us and the charm we need to set our brand apart. Also not to mention is that his vest game is always on point; you’d be hard-pressed to find more patches and studs on a denim vest anywhere.

Julio’s a comic book fanatic; before working at CD, Julio maintained a comic book store, which is where he discovered his true passion for comics. He now collects comics (and masks and figurines and plenty of other interesting items), and he dreams of one day owning a comic book store of his own.

Julio spends his spare time reading books or comics, playing video games, making homemade masks, watching the MOST obscure things on Netflix (i.e. ‘Conspriacy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?’) or bar hopping and meeting new people. Don’t let his tough exterior fool you though, his favorite TV show of all-time is ‘One Tree Hill’ (like we said, he’s full of surprises).

Julio claims his favorite part about working at Common Desk is “the beer,” but we all know it’s the people who keep him coming back day by day.

At any given time, you can find Julio wearing black, eating pho, and drinking beer somewhere in Deep Ellum.

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“You gotta be crazy to beat crazy” - Julio

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