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Christian grew up in Garland, Texas, and he’s actually the younger brother of Julio, our Operations Manager! Christian has been helping his family run their local church in Garland for years, where he's worked with children, operations, and even youth programming. He graduated in 2012, and through the early stages of his career, he did everything from technical work to hard-core handy work (which makes him a wizard at what he does now).

Christian was introduced to Common Desk through Julio, who had already been working here for a year. He ended up being the perfect match for the Nights Manager position we needed to fill. Like most of the staff, Christian never saw himself working at a place like Common Desk, but now he loves it, and he says he wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Christian truly does it all (it’s the dominant gene in the Mendez family)– from operations to nighttime facility management to cultivating community among our late-night workers, he truly interweaves his technical skills with his love for people on a daily basis.

Fun facts about Christian:

Christian is undoubtedly the best-dressed human at Common Desk, and we’re not the only ones who think that– he was literally nominated for Best Swag in high school (an award he’d win every day if we had it in the office). He’s constantly keeping us young and fresh with his energy, and he’s the life of any party. He used to be in a breakdancing crew, and he took martial arts lessons for years, making him a certified ninja.

His favorite shows on Netflix are Stranger Things and Narcos, and the places he frequents the most in Dallas are Angry Dog and Uncle Uber’s. At any given moment, you can find Christian Mendez in Deep Ellum with a Red Bull in hand (he drinks at least 3 a day), burger in front of him, eyebrow raised, and saying “get drunk” whether it’s in context or not.

Christian’s favorite part about working at Common Desk: “The members. I love getting to know each and every member, what they do, who they are, and what brought them here.”

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Drink every drink like it's your last. – Nick Clark

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