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Austin “Saucey” Southerland was born and raised in North Texas, starting out life in small-town Burkburnett before moving with his parents and younger sister to Rockwall as a teenager. He went to college at Abilene Christian University where he received his Master of Accountancy degree and BBA in accounting and financial management. Shortly after graduation, he got his CPA license and continued working in public accounting in Abilene for a few years. After being in A-town for nearly 8 years, Austin and his wife Shaylee (who also grew up in Rockwall) woke up and asked what the heck they were still doing out there. Within two months, they were back in the big city.

Having worked in public accounting throughout his career, Austin was ready to pivot. He got his Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) designation with the idea that he’d move primarily into wealth management, but the stars still weren’t quite aligned. He knew he wanted to shift into a different sector, but it wasn’t until coming across the opportunity with Common Desk that it felt like he found his missing link. After talking with Nick, Austin knew this was just where he wanted to land.

Now, Austin is the Controller for Common Desk! He handles the accounting functions, from bank reconciliations and cash flow to budget and reporting. He is also focused on streamlining financial practices across our locations.

Saucey’s got street cred for his vast mental library of decades-old song lyrics across a wide range of genres. From 90s emo and hip hop and non bro-country, you can bet he’s got an obscure lyrical reference for any situation. Back in the day, Austin was a pro at building acoustic guitars. His musical talent didn’t stop there – he even professionally recorded an Outkast slow jam to try and win over his now-wife just months after they met. It worked. Austin’s go-to/guilty pleasure shows include Forensic Files and a wide variety of Bravo masterpieces like Real Housewives and Vanderpump Rules. He pretends he’s not watching, but in all reality, he has a stockpile of knowledge in his arsenal ready to use should a round of trivia ever present itself.

In his spare time, Austin enjoys running, golfing and biking. You'll rarely find him without a book or a fine whiskey in hand. He also loves traveling all over the hill country. He and his wife are usually in Fredericksburg at least once a year. At any given time, you can find Austin avoiding doing anything loosely defined as “man stuff.” Meddlesome Moth ought to have a barstool with Austin’s name on it. One of Austin’s obscure obsessions includes all things Warren Buffett. He even traveled all the way to Nebraska to the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders’ meeting to see him up close and personal. Austin also loves high-end German automobiles, though he’ll probably never own one because, “Who wants to buy depreciating assets?”

Austin’s favorite part about working for Common Desk is being able to utilize his knowledge in finance and numbers in an environment that fosters creativity and innovation in both the staff and the good people we serve.

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“I’m just ballin’ on a budget.” Nappy Roots

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