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Alaethea lived on the East Coast, somewhere between North Carolina and Washington, DC for most of her life; that is, until she moved to Dallas a few months ago with her husband, Dr. Sam. She went to school in Wilmington, NC, majoring in Communication Studies with a concentration in Integrated Marketing Communication and a minor in Journalism. Before joining the Common Desk team, she worked as the Marketing Director for both a startup and a church.

When Alaethea worked for a startup during her first few years out of college, they made the transition from working from home to working out of a coworking space in DC called 1776, which was Alaethea’s first encounter with coworking.

“Working from home is awesome, but we are social beings, and joining a coworking space added a new element of excitement and community to my job that I didn’t even realize was missing.”

Once Alaethea moved to Dallas, she immediately started researching coworking spaces in the area and came across Common Desk. The rest is history. She spent her first year on staff as the Community Manager of Common Desk - Oak Cliff, and over time, we started to pick up on her uncanny ability to problem-solve, implement new systems, and streamline operations. Now, she's stepped into a Head of Special Initiatives role, and we coudn't be more excited about it.

Fun facts about Alaethea

If you’re a human, then you probably like coffee, but Alaethea doesn’t just like coffee… just loves coffee, to the point that she researches it, experiments with different home-brewing mechanisms, and knows all the best coffee shops in all the best cities. So, it’s pretty easy to conclude what Alaethea has street cred for. Alaethea has also lived in a lot of places– she went to four different high schools (insane) and has lived in 7 states and 3 countries.

When she’s not finding new ways to spice up day-to-day life at her home base, Common Desk - Oak Cliff, Alaethea’s probably visiting new coffee shops, exploring the city of Dallas, and hanging out with her sweet adopted pup, Jones. She’s obsessed with miniature condiment bottles; she knows it’s strange, but she says “they are just so cute!.” How’s that for obscure? Her favorite Netflix shows are New Girl, Gilmore Girls, and Anything With The Word Girl In It.

Alaethea’s favorite part about working at Common Desk is getting to meet so many different people day-in and day-out, and she strives to make sure every single person that walks through the doors feels connected and part of Common Desk’s growing community.

At any given time, you can find Alaethea wearing an article of black clothing and eating a breakfast taco from TacoDeli.

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"In Omnia Paratus" - Gilmore Girls

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