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Dawson was born in Waco, Texas, and his parents went to Baylor (sic em Bears); despite being born in Texas, he grew up and went to high school in the Silicon Valley area of California after his family moved west. Though he left us for a bit, he did end up coming back to Texas to attend college at SMU, and he’s been in our great state ever since.

One thing to note about Dawson's family is that they're all go-getters. Dawson’s grandad was a real estate legend in Dallas, and his father is a technology entrepreneur. He knew he wanted to be a mix of both of those things, which is precisely what he’s doing for Common Desk today. Needless to say, Dawson’s family is all about business and hustle, and we’re glad we have a Williams on our team, too!

Once Dawson graduated from SMU, he began working his way up in the Dallas real estate scene quickly. It didn’t take long for Dawson’s work to start intersecting with the path of Common Desk, and before we knew it, the stars finally aligned; now Dawson is officially a part of the Common Desk crew as our Head of Growth and Partnerships.

Dawson spends his days working to build & maintain relationships with potential Common Desk landlord clients. Dawson’s role helps give us opportunities to grow into other markets and ensure we are differentiated in the marketplace to the point where landlords want Common Desk in every asset in their portfolio. Long story short: we’d be lost without him.

Fun facts about Dawson:

The first thing you need to know about Dawson is that he was a rapper in high school. His rapper name? “Latitude 21.” Why? Ask him next time you see him. Because of his rap fame, he received an offer to rap with Mike Posner before he “blew up.” Another impressive fact about Dawson is that he’s seen literally every Paul Walker movie…. Even Tammy vs. the T-Rex (RIP Paul). Dawson is also engaged to his better half, Mary, and they spend a lot of time making competitions out of cooking together, talking about Fantasy Football, and watching romcoms. Dawson also loves heli/snowcat skiing (we had to google what that even means because #Texas), so needless to say, he’s a jack of many trades. And at any given point, you can find Dawson doing blazers no justice.

Dawson says he loves working for Common Desk because, “As a tight-knit family, we are forever changing the workplace, and the sky’s the limit.”

Connect with Dawson

I live life like my blood type, B-Positive. – Timeflies

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