Get to know Becca

Becca was born in Oklahoma, but her parents didn’t like it very much, so as soon as her dad got re-stationed (he was in the Airforce), he chose Texas! Since then (with multiple travels in between) Becca has always ended up back here. She grew up with 3 siblings and always thought she had a big family, that is, until she married her husband, Brandon, who is the youngest of 7. So now… she really does have a huge family and loves it. Becca and Brandon recently had their first kid, Daxton, and they absolutely love being his parents.

When Becca was growing up, she swore she was going to either figure out how to get paid to travel the world OR be a Shark Marine Biologist. Well, one of those doesn’t really exist for most people, and she quickly learned that science wasn’t her thing, so she decided that communication was the perfect fit. Becca went to college at UTA, where she studied broadcast communications. During and after school, she worked in social marketing and communications for a small firm, non-profits & church.

Becca came across Common Desk a few years ago when her husband was looking to escape his tiny home office; since then, they’ve been hooked on all things CD. When they moved outside of Dallas, they were really sad to be leaving the Common Desk community, but then they got news of our Fort Worth location opening...and the rest is history!

Now, Becca is the Host at Common Desk’s Deep Ellum location, making sure that anyone who walks into our space immediately feels like they’re at home and know that they have a point of contact for whatever they need.

Fun facts about Becca

When it comes to street cred, Becca’s is easily for knowing anything and everything about sharks. Ever since she can remember, she’s been trying to learn more about sharks as often as she can. So if you ever want to have a random conversation about sharks (or want her to teach you more about them), you know who to come to.

Becca has also driven through the Yukon and lived to tell the tale. So basically, when it comes to nature/wildlife, Becca is not easily intimidated (v impressive). But when it comes to everyday life, Becca spends her time kissing her baby’s cheeks, scrunching her bulldog’s face, and discovering new coffee shops with her husband. Her favorite place in Fort Worth is easily Joe T. Garcia’s, because their margaritas are bomb. At any given point, you can find Becca taking, looking at, or showing people pictures of her son (she says sorry in advance) (but he’s the cutest so we promise it’s worth it).

When asked why she loves working for Common Desk, Becca said, “I love how community is the heart of Common Desk. It has already made me and my family’s lives so much richer.”

Connect with Becca

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” - Wayne Gretsky…-Michael Scott…-Becca Briscoe

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