About Us

Our Mission

Common Desk's mission is to enhance every workday by creating thoughtful moments, human connections, and a sense of belonging– for all. We do this by bringing together the key things you experience in any given workday– office space, coffee, and fitness– and powering them with our hospitality-oriented staff, culture, and technology.

Our Story

The first official Common Desk location opened in a 3500 square foot industrial building in Deep Ellum, Dallas with 25 founding members. We now operate a network of coworking spaces and locations across Texas, a coffee brand, a technology brand, and a wellness brand, and we are consistently expanding both our physical footprint and our service offerings to reach more professionals in more buildings across the great state of Texas.

From flexible workspace to coffee and fitness, the Common Desk staff thrive on helping businesses grow easily, decrease the stress of work, and increase their productivity. We believe everyone should enjoy where they work, and our staff, no matter the job title, do all that they can to make every day at the office a noteworthy one.

Connect with Us

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