International Coworking Week World Tour: Vietnam

August 6, 2014

So far, International Coworking Week has taken us to coworking spaces in Brussels and India.  Today, we keep heading east (and a little south) to Hanoi, Vietnam where an IT-focused coworking space called hub.IT is just approaching the end of its first operating year.

hub.ITH logo

The landing page of hub.IT’s website boldly labels the new coworking space “The Unoffice”.  ”Your success is our success”, they say, “Come join us and experience the Unoffice way of innovating.”  And slowly but surely, people are.  As of this writing, the space is the home of at least five start-up companies whose products range from car-ordering mobile applications to an English-learning ‘edutainment’ website.  Add to that the independent “grinders” (the word they use to refer to members), and they’re off to a fine start.

hub.IT 2

In an article published by the online coworking magazine Deskmag, hub.IT’s founder, Bobby Liu, explained why he chose to focus specifically on IT rather than trying to create a more broad-spectrum coworking space.  ”Coworking in the Western world,” he observed, “could be anything as long as there is community. In Vietnam, it’s often more closely tied to IT startups, rather than any random community.”

So, Liu built a space that caters not only to IT professionals, but to start-ups in particular, offering group rates for small companies and even creating a program to help promising groups find funding.

Like Stirring Minds in India, hub.IT does a lot to grow its members’ capacity as business folk.  It offers what it calls a “24-week open incubation program” in which new members learn from experts everything from turning an idea into a product to finding the right developer to marketing a finished product.  Members also benefit from the insights and advice of hub.IT’s own advisors, and impressive cadre of entrepreneurs, consultants, and financiers who operate successful businesses all over Asia.

hub.itJust as with all coworking spaces, hub.IT is place where people with ideas and drive come together to find support and collaboration in a community of diverse experience and talents.  In this case, though, all of those talents are in one way or another related to technology.

Photos and logo gathered from the hub.IT website

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